Where does Dos Manos stand for? As with many things in life you have to understand the right language to know where even simple words stand for.

Those with some knowledge of the spanish language know that Dos Manos stands for "two hands".

The real market researcher, even if he/she dominates the spanish language, will not be satisfied with this explanation. He or she wants to know "Why?" and "How does this knowledge can help me?"

In this stage what matters is knowledge, the appropriate investigation skills and interpretation. Those who are capable to understand data and context might find the following results:

  Mano de Obra = Manpower
  Alargar la mano = Reaching a hand
  Echar una mano = Helping a hand
  Poner en manos = To trust something in someone's hands

The researcher how can interprete results should know enough by now. Dos Manos stands for the 2 helping hands of Gerton Poot to whom you can trust your queries and problems. He will help you in an effective and efficient way to find the solutions for your marketing problems. 

Your market research questions and data are in good hands with Dos Manos.